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Roof Flashing

Roof leakage that is left unresolved can bring disastrous results to the interior of any commercial building. If leak is not immediately addressed, it can eventually transform into a huge problem. That is where commercial roof flashing comes into play.

Roof flashing is used to stop rain from penetrating into the joint structures. Flashing must be properly installed so that it can extend the service life of the building and top stop rain from entering through the roof of a commercial building. Faulty roof flashing has been identified as the cause of nearly 80 percent of roofing problems that either call for extensive repair or roof replacement.

There are a number of different components in your roof which must work in combination with your flashing material. They are your roof sheathing, underlayment, roofing material, roof intersections, ventilation and flashing details. Each apparatus must be installed properly for the system to function well and bolster the waterproof barrier of the roof structure.

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