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Spray Foam Roofing Benefits

Building a home, or even remodeling a commercial building, is a large task with many decisions to make. One of these decisions is the choice between old-fashioned insulation and foam insulation. Many commercial buildings use the old style of insulation, with good results. But many times it is not the optimum solution. Foam insulation is a more modern way, with several advantages including efficiency, easy to install and lower lifetime cost. In the following paragraphs, we will expand upon the advantages of foam insulation for a commercial or industrial building.

Foam insulating material has the advantage of being very efficient over traditional insulation. The material is successful at keeping heat at bay by stopping more heat from getting into the house. Not only does it stop more heat from entering the home, it also regulates the temperature inside the home by not allowing the heated or cooled air to escape. The reason for this is because foam insulation has a very high R-value versus traditional insulation. Briefly, R-value is a measure of protection insulation can provide against temperature conditions versus space. So having a higher R-value, such as foam insulation, provides a much more efficient way of insulating your home.

Installing foam insulation also has the advantage of being very quick to install, especially in existing industrial buildings. The thought of updating current installation, including removing drywall, floors and getting into other tight areas, seems daunting. But foam insulation makes the job a lot easier and with fewer headaches. It can be installed within existing walls and other areas without the need of total access. The foam insulation is sprayed into the various areas by creating small openings, and then the foam expands to fill the entire area.

Cost is a big consideration in any commercial building or remodeling task. One might be hesitant to choose foam insulation due to the fact that it has a bigger ticket price. But the true cost to install foam insulation is what one must consider when deciding between the two types. Foam insulation, it might surprise you, has a lower overall cost in many installations. Consider the fact that in a remodel situation, one would have to spend additional money for the time and labor of removing drywall and floors to get to the old insulation. Foam insulation, as was already mentioned, doesn’t need a complete removal to gain access, making the time and labor less. Additionally, foam insulation is much more energy efficient, which will make your energy bill much less for years to come.

The advantages of foam insulation over traditional insulation make it a wise choice for commercial buildings. It is a much more efficient way of insulating, it is a much faster way of installing, and offers a total cost that is much less than traditional insulation. If you considering installing insulation in a new or existing building, foam insulation is an optimum solution.

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Saves You Money

How can a spray foam roof system save you money on energy bills?

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Seamless Systems

A foam roof system creates a solid monolithic protective roof shell.

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Uplift Resistance

SPF roofs demonstrate strong adhesion preventing wind damage.

Fresno spray foam insulation roofing services


SPF roofing systems have been proven to last 30 years or more with proper maintenance and care.

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Protective coatings over foam help prevent outside elements from damaging the roofing system.

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