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Spray Foam Roofing Materials

Spray foam roof applications are a very popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings. It is a very quick way to insulate the building and provides a considerable amount of cost savings over the years. Effective, durable, and reliable only scratch the surface of the benefits and advantages of having a spray foam roof.

Out dedicated team will inspect the entire roof, checking for leaks and diagnosing other issues, and provide the best solutions for your roofing needs. If there are problems with your roof like rotting or leaking this could cause the entire roof to cave in so that is a separate issue that is going to need attention before you can add spray foam to your roof.

One concern is that a spray foam roof will weigh down your roof. Spray foam is a very light material that even when it is sprayed on thick, it is not heavy. It is a foam that dries right onto the roof, finding every nook and cranny, and blocks out all moisture and air.

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